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Before my sister came to live with me in 2005, I didn’t want ANY Tyler Perry movies. I had never seen a Madea stage play, and quite frankly wasn’t really interested.  I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.  Well, that soon changed.

One night my sister settled into my son’s room and pulled out her Tyler Perry collection.  I happened to walk by and saw my kids and sister enjoying a movie, so I stopped in to join them. I have been addicted ever since. Not because they actors are the best or because I am expecting Oscar-worthy performances. I look forward to Tyler Perry movies because as an African American female, mother and wife, I understand the complexities of our daily life.  And it feels like Tyler does too.

What I enjoy and expect about TP movies are the messages he includes in them, and WDIGM2 does not fall short in that area.

Because this is a movie review, I am going to share a bit of what you can expect, but I encourage you to look past what you expect to get what he is offering.

The story doesn’t necessarily pick up where the first movie left off, though you can see remnants of the first movie in the opening scenes.  As the story develops you begin to see the messages form – messages of trust, greed, hope, love, friendship, forgiveness, and anger (just to name a few).

Perry does an excellent job (as usual) of making his viewers think about their own lives and how these characters live within each of them.

I am a lover of quotes because in many ways they say resonate with you and your personal experience.  Here are a few of my favorites from the movie:

“You can only fight with a person when they are willing to get in the ring with you.”      ~Gavin

“Margaritas,margaritas, margaritas.”    ~Patti

“A happy woman, makes a happy home.”     ~ The Men

“You are my past and there ain’t no future in it.”    ~Sheila

“Why Did I Get Married Too?” is definitely a must see.

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