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I believe every married woman should have a wifey fund, a savings account that is exclusively yours.

Let me be clear, I absolutely believe that it is important not to deceive or lie to your significant other.  Let him know that you have a separate account; however, let me also say that you should have one with or without your mate’s permission.

While the previous statements may seem contradictory I feel that any man that has a problem with his woman developing good savings habits has a problem.  You see, if a woman is doing this, she is more than likely teaching her children, especially our girls important life lessons.  Lessons such as, it’s not what you make but what you keep, and an independent woman is a more attractive woman, and most importantly, a woman that feels she is not bound to a relationship by financial dependence is a woman less likely to be a victim of domestic abuse.

I often get asked, “What if your mate forbids you from having a separate wifey fund?”  I am not sure how an adult forbids another adult from doing something.  Especially if that adult is making her own money.  And even if she is not, she needs to explain to her mate that this is not negotiable.  This will benefit him as well as her.  After all, it’s not like she is going to save up enough money to run off to Jamaica in search of Dexter.  It could simply be an emergency fund or what I call a “just in case” fund.

We often want to go on a special vacation or surprise our mate with something that’s not in the budget.  Cutting back on daily spending and contributing to your wifey fund would allow you to treat yourself  or your loved ones once in a while.

You’ll be surprised how that fund will grow, especially if managed correctly.  Start talking to your mate in the beginning of the relationship.  Let him know that you need this for you.  You are teaching life lessons to your children and establishing good marital money managing skills.  Besides men, the more she saves the better her spending habits and the less money she will ask you for.

So you see, a wifey fund is a win/win for everyone.  The self-esteem of the saver will go up tenfold and you will be teaching by example and demonstration.  With 47% of marriages ending in divorce and the number two cause of divorce due to financial issues, you will also be increasing your chances of a long and loving relationship.

Lynda Harris is a licensed securities broker with The Henderson Financial Group, Inc. She specializes in asset management and financial planning with a special emphasis towards financial planning for women. Contact Lynda – http://www.newundergroundrailroad.com/index.html.