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After months of Internet speculation and rumors, singer and BET reality show star Keyshia Cole is finally coming clean about her future: Yes, she’s planning a wedding with her NBA star fiancé, Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes, she’s pregnant with their first child. And yes, there is truth to the rumors of strife between her, her mother Frankie and her sisters Neffe and Elite.

In a statement to her fans, Cole says she has ended communication with her family because she was “at a point in my life where I needed serenity and peace to move forward.”

The R&B star, whose show chronicled her rocky relationship with her family, went on to say, “Now that I am becoming a mom my passion for having a loving and peaceful home for my child is my #1 priority. It’s very important to both Daniel and I … the stress that my family is giving me with their constant false reports is not healthy and it’s not what I need at this time in my life.”

Cole, 28, who owns homes in Los Angeles and Atlanta, is due this spring. According to her rep, she has not yet set a wedding date.