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This year more than any has been the year of the “Super Reality TV Show”. I am the first person to point out the negatives of TV programming. This time I thought I would change my approach and find the positives.

Reviewing the year I was struck by a host of positives that actually came from the shows. We saw Sex Rehab get discussed. We learned there is real talent in America. We hoped Ray J would get a date and New York a job. We watched the Kardashians move to Miami, get married and get pregnant. We cringed at Bad Girls behaving badly. We witnessed the housewife of New Jersey with too much money. We shook our heads as a successful girl group came apart. We laughed as Diddy hired another assistant. We cheered Lil’ Kim on as she danced and showed that she was a lady. We sat in awe as Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger matched up a former Destiny Child member. We know the difference between the Jackson brothers. We questioned the actions of a housewife of Atlanta as she talked about being engaged to a married man. We viewed a woman’s heartbreak as she dealt with the love of her life moving on and becoming mega star. We encouraged each other to start over as an entertainer showed kids; “Don’t do what I did’.

Here are the lessons which jumped out at me.

They were:

# 5- Sometimes the Bachelor Is a Murderer Never ever trust that the background match ups are actually done thoroughly by the TV producers. “Megan Wants To Marry a Millionaire” on VH1 was pulled quickly as one of the finalists, Ryan Jenkins killed his ex-wife. Apparently he had a history of off color behavior.

# 4- Dreams can come True.- Susan Boyle took the world by storm. She was not the cookie cutter performer you usually get but the voice gave us all chills. When she sang “I Dreamed A Dream,” we all dared to dream again.

#3- Christians doing great things can make great television. Children’s Heart Project, a project of the international Christian relief group Samaritan’s Purse, gave the ability for children to have the health care they needed all while cameras rolled.

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